All information that is disclosed by you will be kept in strict confidence. It is standard medico-legal practice that written permission from the patient or a court order must be obtained before any patient's records or details of any kind are disclosed to a third party.

A full privacy statement is available on request.

Informed Consent

You will be given every opportunity to clarify any aspect of your treatment before it commences, as well as at any time during or after that. You have the right to decline any part of the actual treatment or technique(s) that you are not comfortable with. Your BOC osteopath will make every effort to provide the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient.

Informed consent for treatment of any person under 18 years old must be signed by a parent or guardian before treatment commences, and the parent or guardian is required to be present during treatment of children.

Your BOC osteopath has undergone a Working with Children VIC Police check.

Treatment Records

You will be asked to provide a comprehensive medical history before treatment begins. All questions are requirements which enable the most accurate assessment and diagnosis possible to be made, in order to provide the most appropriate treatment for each patient. Please ask for assistance if you have any difficulty with any part of the medical questionnaire.

You are legally entitled to access of your own records. We must keep the originals but will provide you with a copy upon receipt of as written request. A reasonable fee may legally be charged for costs incurred by us in providing this access.

Cancellation of Appointments

24 business hours notice of cancellation of any appointment is required, so that it can be offered to another patient. A full fee may be charged for appointments missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

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