Eve Schoenheimer

Eve Schoenheimer

Eve has practised as an osteopath for over 30 years. She has had a very busy and personally rewarding career, graduating from International Colleges of Osteopathy in Sydney in 1988, working in Sydney for 10 Years, establishing clinics at Byron Bay and Palm Beach on the Gold Coast between 1999 and 2015, and now in Geelong West.

Musculo-skeletal Treatment Approach

There are different approaches to osteopathic treatment. Eve’s approach is known as musculo-skeletal or structural.

The musculo-skeletal system can be viewed in terms of wonderfully complex biomechanical engineering, each and every part connected directly or indirectly to each and every other part, and all parts together functioning as an integrated whole.

This approach to osteopathy involves medical history, observation, examination, diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue (muscle/tendon/ligament) tensions and imbalances, and of joint dysfunctions, usually presenting as restricted ranges of movement.

Treatment techniques that restore range of motion to joint structures are varied, but can include:-

  • passive movement techniques, where the osteopath physically introduces movement to joint structures
  • muscle energy techniques, where the osteopath asks the patient to contract certain muscles against resistance, thus using the patient’s own effort to increase the range of movement
  • high velocity/low amplitude manipulation, where the osteopath applies a short, fast thrust to a specific joint with the aim of restoring or increasing range of motion.

Not all patients are comfortable with high velocity/low amplitude manipulation; it is not necessary to use it and Eve does many treatments where this technique is not used at all.

Patients are encouraged at all times to ask any questions and request clarification so that they understand what is happening in their treatment.

Osteopathy has been instrumental in Eve’s own recovery after reconstruction of a shoulder injured while skiing.

Outside of the clinic her interests are sailing and Maritime studies. She volunteered for Marine Rescue NSW, crewing the Rescue Vessel and training vessel crew and radio operators.

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